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Message for smileybattina re: Nutmeg

Mel Johnson

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Battina, I'm sorry, but I had to move the thread on Nutmeg to the Buddy Board. You won't be able to access it, but I've instructed those who wish to respond to it to do so by e-mail.


The reason that I had to move it is that you put your e-mail address out in the clear, and anybody or anyTHING could come along and use that information in sorts of ways that we and you would rather they not. The information was too valuable to lose, so I moved it to Buddy Board, where we know that the posters are genuine teens, and not "funny uncles" or worse. You can expect e-mails from them, and I'll bet that they're safe. If somebody who contacts you as a result of your membership on this board seems to be doing creepy things, tell a moderator, quick, quick, quick!

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