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Pirrouettes from Arabesque


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Hi! I'm having large issues with pirrouettes from arabesque. I'm with my partner in 1st arabesque, and we do a promenode, the whip into outside turns with the arms over the head (in passe), and then open to ecarte for another promenode there. I just can't seem to get myself from arabesque to passe cleanly -- it seems like i just can't get my center and ribs in quick enough. Any advice?

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OK, as long as you're partnered! I had visions of trying to answer this in a grand adagio, where you might have an en dedans pirouette out of an arabesque, but the same general rule applies for both. You have diagnosed what you have to do correctly, and now it's time for you to clue your partner in, so he can help you get to a properly centered position for the pirouette quickly. You have to do most of the work yourself, but he has to help you! Practice those on flat without your partner sometime. See what you have to do to reach the pirouette and developpé out of it without any help. Your partner may be unwittingly hindering you! :rolleyes:

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