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side splits

Guest laura

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Laura, there is a recent thread on this somewhere, but I can't remember which forum and way too beat tonight to search, so, will answser again :rolleyes:


The splits in second require much more rotation in order to do them correctly. Many people have this same problem. Working on them is good for your rotation, but don't worry whether you can do them or not. DOING splits is just not the point. Working on them in order to improve flexibility and rotation is what it's about.


Try sitting on the floor in front of a wall. Place your feet against the wall, with the legs turned out from the hips in your best rotation. Push your derrière forward with your hands behind you, working towards flattening yourself against the wall. Or, do the same thing on a line in the floor, like on a marley tape. If on the tape instead of a wall, you might do better with using your hands in front of your body to move you forward towards aligning the whole position on the tape.

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Hmm, I'm always surprised how different everyone is from each other!


For me - side splits were always easier than the front ones...I guess it's all about different dancers, different bodies, different situations!

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Hello Bee, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :blink: I think you might be our first dancer from Cyprus!


It's true, that every dancer's body is different, and very possible that the split in second might be easier for some. You probably have very good rotation as well as flexibility :rolleyes:

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Guest Tarantella

I am exactly the same way as laura! It really it frustrating! I will say that I have really good turnout but I just cannot get into my second splits. I usually stretch after a hot shower against a wall or after class. The wall really helps but no matter what, even if I get there fully and stay there, the next day it still takes a while to get back again. I feel like Yay! I finally got there, but then the next day its back again. B)

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