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Torn Meniscus

Guest Medora

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Yay! I'm glad, because I like the way I am, and I don't want to lose what I was born with. :wallbash: I was born flexible and haven't ever really had to work for it, and I was just afraid that drilling a hole would mess with muscle, but it was a sort of stupid thought. Thanks for clearning it though! Friday, I can't wait to get this overwith.

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As for flexibility and hyperextention...I see no reason that the hyperextension should go away. I'll leave that one for the moderators though. It's just a guess. As for flexibility, for a time yes, it will go away. Depending on how long you are out, it could be a little or a lot, and especially in the knee. I remember how, three weeks out from surgery, we were all celebrating at PT when I was able to bend my knee to 90 degrees again. It took that time to stretch everything out enough, plus I needed to be sure that I wouldn't undo any of the things that had just been corrected. If they only have to remove a small amount of your meniscus, though, it shouldn't be a big deal.


As for the pain, they'll give you lots of meds, which work quite nicely. Don't be afraid to take them. They are strong, and people would always ask me if they made me high, or anything like that, but the only effect they had on me was to take away the pain. Absolutely nothing else. For the first couple days, I took them pretty much as close together as they said I could (every 4 to 6 hours say, and I would take them religiously every 4) but after about two or three days, I just took them every time I started to feel it wear off. I never really had horrible throbbing pain, except when I first woke up from the surgery, and I was able to get meds right away. Moving around didn't hurt, unless I hit my leg on something, or put it down by accident, and that was more because it was really numb.


And yes, attitude is important. If you go into it very positively, it will feel a lot better. For me, I knew that it could only help, and so I was happy that it was being done for me, and so I was actually fairly excited, though nervous too. Coming out of it, I concentrated hard on what the PT told me, and also just on keeping myself feeling good. We had houseguests as soon as I came home, for about 5 days, which helped, but in general, I paid attention to what I needed, be it more pain meds, or just something fun to do other than sit on the couch.


So, I guess the surgery is in just a few days, right? Make sure to let us know how it goes. I know it'll be fine, and you'll come out of it better than ever (after the initial recovery).



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