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too old???

Guest dancer15

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Guest dancer15


I know i am not too old to dance and all because I just turned 18, but I am the oldest in all of my classes next to the teacher, I have been dancing since I was 3 I love it, but should i change classes?


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Hello Jenn, welcome back, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum :)


I moved your post here because you are still a teen, and I thought this might be a better place for you than the adult forum.


I'm not quite sure about your question, but I'm wondering if you are in a small school that does not have a lot of advanced level ballet? In our program, for instance, the advanced level has high school and post high school students, so there are a number of 18 and above students every year. Perhaps a change of school might be a good thing at this time.

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Guest DancingBoi

I am in a somewhat similar position. I am a beginner and the class i take has students with mixed levels and ages. The class is pretty much split as far as age goes with half being high school students and the other half post high school with the oldest student being a senior in college. Ability level also differs, even though I haven't "interviewed" all of the people in there I can make a pretty close guess that about 50% of the people have more than 5 years experience, 30% have 3-5 years experience and the remaining 20% have had 0 to 2 years. But the class is taught in such a way that even the more advanced students can get something out of it. But then again, this is at a small studio and so the classes are usually never larger than about 12 or 13 students. As Ms. Leigh suggested you might want to look at other studios to find one with classes with students your age and ability level. Good luck with whatever decision you decide to make.

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Guest ziva cvar

you are lucky in the States. Here in my country there is only one serious ballet school that I've already graduated from. I unluckily didn't have a chance to do an audition in our ballet theatre and now I have to do everything on my own. If you have a chance change the school. And who says you are too old.??

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