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hip 'popping'

Guest laura

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every now and again whilst i'm doing the splits, of resting my head on my knee, it occasionaly feels like my hip bone (i'm sorry, i don't know its medical term!) is pooping out of its socket. this dosen't hurt most of the time, it just feels uncomfortable.

what am i doing wrong?!

thankyou :angry:

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Either just going too far, or you are not placed correctly. When you put your head over the front knee, don't let the back hip sink down and lose it's rotation. If the stretch or the popping hurt, then don't do it. Hold back on the extra stretch of the head down and just control the split itself by using your hands on the floor and staying rotated. Don't try to keep the hips perfectly square.

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You DID mean popping, there, right? Otherwise you have a medical first!

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I have the exact same problem, and I posted a topic about this not too long ago. My back hip always hurts and pops/clicks (however you want to put that) when I am just doing a split, let alone putting my head down and further increasing the stretch. I stopped doing it for a couple of weeks and started again, and it was much better. Last Sunday it started clicking/hurting again, so I'm going to stop the stretch for a while. Some people wrote some good advice on my topic, and I think it's still up somewhere, if you want to read it...it's titled "back hip in splits?" I believe :-)

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