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its the mom has posted a good video on Ballet Alert - "A Dancer's Day" It's worth watching.

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I've followed this thread ever since it was revived and even went back to reread some of the earlier posts. Each time I do that I think of the kids on my favorite radio program, From the Top. They are teen (or younger) classical musicians who play a short piece and then chat with the emcee Christopher O'Riley. They are fantastic. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. They make me feel good about the future of the world after I've long left it.


One thing I find interesting is that so many of these teens have aspirations beyond a career in music. These teens spend a lot of time practicing, taking lessons, traveling to study. For them the end product is what they are doing right now. They are achievers. Who knows what they will wind up doing, but I am sure that no matter what they wind up doing, they will be successful. My guess is that the parents of these kids believe that the activity itself has great value. The discipline, persistence, and accomplishment is its own reward and its own end.

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