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Do tennis balls help feet?


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Good afternoon, everyone. I have been stretching my feet recently, and trying to get them more flexible and strong. The company attatched to my school is starting their season next week, so there were a ton of dancers taking my class yesterday. When I came in, most of them were stretching, however one of them was standing on a tennis ballet rolling it in the middle of her foot. I asked her if it was just to warm her feet up and stretch them, and she told me that she's been doing it for years and it has helped her feet become more pointed. I asked her how this was possible, and she said that you mold the skin and mucsles into a new position, by rolling the tennis ball. She has gorgeous, amazing feet, but I have only seen them in the past 4 years that I have been at my studio, so I have no idea what they looked like before she starting using the tennis ball. I'm just wondering what everyone here thinks. Do you think that using a tennis ball that way helps your feet become better? Thanks in advanced :-)

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It can't hurt, and it just might help! :D I don't think there is any "scientific" evidence on this, but it's certainly harmless, and if it works for someone else, it might work for you!

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Our teachers actually recommend using tennis ###### to roll around under our feet at home, though we can't brign them to class for obvious reasons. :D I use them every once in a while, and though I don't use them regularly enough to say whether they help your feet become more pinted, I can definitely tell you that they loosen up your feet. It's kind of like a very hard foot massage.

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I find them a good cheap alternative to a foot roller for when my foot cramps up. I don't use one often enough to know whether it makes your feet stronger, but it feels good, and, as Ms. Leigh said, it would be pretty difficult to make it hurt you.

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I've actually used tennis ###### to help with my feet. If used consistantly and properly it can help increase the strength and flexibility of your feet. Just make sure that you use the tennis ball equally on each foot because you wouldn't want to end up with a foot that is stronger than another one! :D Hope that helps and good luck!

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It is, however, NOT recommended to try to play tennis with your feet. Too hard on the arms and shoulders.

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Guest dance4life87

Ive heard that the tennis ball or a rolling pin works great. My teacher said when she was a young dancer she used it every day and worked really hard on her arches because she wasn't born with great feet, but it has really made such a difference and now her feet are absolutely awesome and gorgeous. She said anything like using a ball or just basically a rolling pin or something similar to that.

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