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Develope excercises?


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Hi everyone! I don't have a great deal of ease with getting my legs high in developes, and one of my friends has the same problem. She does this excercise, where she puts her leg on the barre (say she is trying to work on her extension to the side, she faces the barre and puts her leg on the barre so it is to the side of her body) and then she repeatedly lifts her leg off the barre (still keeping her hands on the barre) and then puts her leg back down. She does it probably for a series of 10 times. To the front this is much more difficult, because to have your leg straight out from your hips to the front, you cannot hold onto the barre (requiring you to have a lot of strength in your stomach mucsles), however she does it to the front also. Her develope is increasing, but she's also stretching a lot, so I'm wondering if it's because of the excercise she has been doing or from the excessive amount of stretching. If anyone has ever been given this excercise by a teacher, or does it, or anything of that sort, please let me know. Thank you :-)

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Guest kristinene

JRSDANCER87, there is a great thread on this in the adult students section, entitled 'extension strength' that I started in August. I think you will find lots of interesting stuff in there, people had a lot of great tips. I'm working on my extension too, so I'll think of you while I'm working on this! Best of luck! :yawn:

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