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sorry if this has already been answered i know a lot of questions about feet are posted here. Is strength in your arch in someway related to height? or is the flexibilty what gives it the height? Or is height something completely different that has nothing to do with strength or flexibility? :yawn:

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Usually a highly arched foot, with a high instep, also has a lot of flexibility. Sometimes it lacks strength, and sometimes it is strong, and that depends on other factors, such as the ankle strength and the overall strength of the legs. Ideally one would have both flexibility and strength, of course. If one has the flexibility but not the strength, then that must be developed through a lot of hard work, especially relevés and elevés. If the foot is strong but not flexible, then a lot of work with a theraband, plus tendus, dégagés, pas de chevals, frappés, etc.

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