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I have been searching the web recently to find a place to take classes, but so far I've gotten emails back saying "we don't have adult classes". One has even said they didn't think anywhere in my area had adult classes!


This is really frustrating, especially since I am so determined to do this! I'm very disappointed, too, because I feel that there are many people out there who are interested in Dance who aren't twelve year olds. Why can't they have fun too? For me this is only a hobby, so going somewhere hours away wouldn't make it worth the money (well it would if I could actually afford to).


Has anyone else had this problem? Am I just not looking in the right places? I see everywhere that it is never to late to start ballet, but I don't think the dance studios got the message. :D

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If you can give a more precise idea of what part of New Jersey you are in, we might be able to provide more information for you. For instance, I took classes with The Princeton Ballet School in New Brunswick, New Jersey, which has an excellent adult division. There is also the option of extension courses offered at various universities and colleges, so you may need to look into that rather than a studio.

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Maybe you should try getting on the phone too. Who knows who's in charge of updating websites and answering emails. One on one conversations could always lead to more information. Hope you find classes. :D

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One thing too that I have done in places where adult classes were limited or unappealing (Dolly Dinkle) is to take classes with the kids. All through college I took classes with the (then) Annapolis Ballet Theater school. I managed to go through the levels with the same group of girls (from about 9 to about 13) and once I got over myself ("Argh, I look like a hippopotamus :clapping: .") I ended up getting good training in a serious atmosphere.

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You can take Open Adult classes with Susan Jaffe in Princeton. Seewww.princetondance.com for schedule!Do come check it out! :clapping:

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As a resident of NJ, I always say it’s a state that probably shouldn’t exist. If you live in South Jersey, don’t forget to look for classes in Philadelphia. Though I’ve never been to any of the classes in the area, I understand there are many open adult classes around.


If you live in North Jersey, there must be something around. Too many people living there to not be so. You might check Blue Diamond. I know they have a list of recommended teachers. As was mentioned Princeton Ballet has classes both in Princeton and New Brunswick. Highly recommended.


Don’t let travel time get in your way. I started dance as a competitive ballroom dancer and had to drive an hour to where I took lessons, practiced, and danced. I would say that about half the people who went there had an equal commute, so I couldn’t even get any sympathy.

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I live in North Jersey. There are several studios that offer adult classes in Bergen county. Let me know if this is near you.


From my experience, most dance studios do not have a strong web presence. The phone book has been more fruitful.



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Guest starfly

Have checked your local community college? Not saying this should be the only classes you take, but for a minimal price (depending on the college) you usually take two classes a week, which can act as a supplemental to any other classes you can find. Just a suggestion :D

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