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cramps in feet during class

Guest Rosefire

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Guest Rosefire

hi, i just have a question about a problem i have been experienceing recently in class.

I start getting cramps in my feet at the barre by the time it gets to about fondues. I try to ease it out, but it comes back as soon as i start using my feet again.

It eases up in the center when doing adage and simple turns, but sometimes my calf muscles get very tense and i have to stretch them out after each exercise.

Petit allegro is the real problem. I'm not very good at that anyway, and the cramp in my feet comes back again full force, as well as the pain in my calfs.

Is it that i am clenching my toes? or is ist that m just using my feet and they are gettting stronger?




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Both of your proposed reasons are credible, and are frequently found in people in all sorts of situations. The late Richard Burton, the actor, was a toe-clencher. He used to tell a story of a time when he did a play set in Ancient Rome, and had to wear sandals. He was uneasy about the part, but, he said, he needn't have worried. He kept the opening night audience enthralled as they watched his toes! :D


Another thing that can contribute to foot and leg cramping is dehydration: keep well-wetted-down inside. Yet more possible cause: A slight potassium deficiency before class begins. About an hour before class, see if you can eat a banana and drink a small amount of orange juice. That'll also help with hydration.

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hi rosefire- yea i had cramping in my foot too and i had no clue what was wrong with my foot. I told my teacher and she told me to eat a banana at least one hour before class started....they haven't been cramping ever since :D

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