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What to drink in class


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A lot of people in my level always bring something to drink with them to class when they can. My russian teacher doesn't allow us to drink anything during class, so that settles that for her class, but for everyone else's class, I see a lot of people drinking a lot of different things, and they all have different reasons why they drink what they drink. I'm wondering what is the best for you. I don't usually drink much in class anymore, because I have had my Russian teacher the past few years more than once a week, and just got used to not being able to, but lately I have been drinking different things. Some people drink things like gatorade or powerade during classes saying it gives them energy. When I drink gatorade or anything with sugar during class I get the worst cramps (especially after jumping). Some people drink water, and that is okay with me, I never get cramps from it or anything, it just doesn't nourish me or anything. Should you drink anything during class, and if so, what should you drink?

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Water should be quite sufficient for most people. Things with sugar are not a good idea.

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I always drink water...I really don't need or want anything else. I see some people drinking juices or soda, and I don't understand how they can do it. We're allowed water with us at the barre (to be had discretely, if necessary) and then keep our waterbottles on the side of the studio. For me it varies how much water I need in a class, so I always bring a 32 ounce bottle (one of those big Nalgene ones) Sometimes I end up barely touching it and sometimes I drink it all before barre is over. But water is the only thing I crave, even, during class. The only thing is that sometimes it gives me these weird air bubbles in my stomach, if I drink too much after working really hard and then working hard again. I also get them from walking fast or sucking on cough drops/hard candies, so I don't know what it is. But that's kinda random, and possibly only me. Anyways...water it is. Gatorade can be useful for people who are spending a lot more time and energy being active (like Marathon runners...it's on my mind, my dad is running Chicago tomorrow) and lose a lot more electrolytes. But for all dancers I've ever been around, we get sufficient enough breaks and everything is sufficiently stop and go that gatorade isn't really necessary and just adds unnecessary sugars (and price!). There are other things that will replace the salts and give you more energy, that'll feel better to eat, in my opinion.

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Guest dancergal

I always drink water. I get cramps if I drink anything else. Mostly everyone in my ballet school drink water, but there are a few people who drink something called Smart Water, which is water with electrolytes added in to give you more energy.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

I always drink water, and at my studio the tap water is so gross and full of chemical that you can't drink it. So during the summer months we have a Lithgow Valley Springs water tank thing so you can drink that if you forget to bring one of your own so I think that is a pretty cool idea.

Love Erin xox

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As long as you stay away from straight vodka, I think you'll be on safe ground. :wacko:

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