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How can I improve my extension?

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101


I'm going to be hitting a lot of auditions soon :clapping: , and I need some pointers on how I can improve some things. First off, how can I improve my extension in things like developpes and grand battements? Also, how can I improve my arabesque penchee and pirouettes on pointe? I have a lot of trouble holding my turnout to its maximum during extensions to the front and side, any tips for that? Also, how can I correct the wacked out sickle in my right foot? It's not a severe sickle, but I would like to get rid of it. Thanks a bunch!



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Devon, I think you have been here long enough now to start using the Search function :wink: While all of these things are the province of class, and should be addressed in class with your teacher because they are the things that everyone has to work on ALL the time, there is still a vast amount of information on this board about all the things you bring up. There are many topics on extension, rotation, feet, arabesques, penchés, pirouettes, and everything else. If you don't find what you are looking for in the active topics (open your browser to show ALL threads, as the default shows only 30 days), then go to the YD Archives and look there.


Your question as worded involves so many things that it would take forever to answer it all in one thread. You should be learning everything in your classes to develop all of the things you are talking about, and there are no shortcuts, magic pills, or ballet fairies out there who can make it happen overnight, although of course we all wish there were these things to help! :clapping: Everything you need can be helped by extra stretching and time put in with slow and careful work. Ballet takes years and years and you have to be willing to put in the hours, both in and out of class. The stretches and exercises for everything are included, or should be, in your training. They all work only as well as the amount of work put in, and the work must be correctly executed to accomplish the purpose of anything. That is why it should be taught in classes.


Do some searching on YD though, as you might find some encouragement and help. For instance, you might learn that very often HOLDING extension is the last thing to come because it takes longer to develop the physical maturity and strength in the muscles that hold it than it does to develop the flexibility to get it up there in the first place. :thumbsup:

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