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Hurt hip/inner thigh

Guest Terin

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Yesterday in rehearsal we were practicing split jumps, and doing one of them I strained my hip/inner thigh. :clapping: It didn't feel like a pop, but more like I'd overstretched something. So I think I may have pulled something in my inner thigh. It doesn't hurt much at all, and there isn't anything in particular that makes it hurt, but it just feels wierd all the time. Does anyone know what it was I did, or how to help it heal? Thanks... :thumbsup:

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If it hurts at all, give it a rest. The hip is a very complex structure and deserves attention when it complains. Take time off, up to 72 hours and give the area some cold applications for about 15-20 minutes whenever the pain becomes noticeable. During this time, you must not do stretches or take class or do rehearsals where you do anything more than mark.

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Thanks, Mr, Johnson. My schedule is such that I have no classes Monday or Tuesday anyway, so that's good. I'll have to stop doing my stretches though. :dry: Can I still do my nightly crunches, or would that cause a problem?

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I'd give them a rest, too, Terin. Even though crunches are supposed to isolate the abs, a few odd muscles end up attaching to the hips, so better not to risk it.

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