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How do I find summer intensive info??

Guest ckdancegirl7

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Guest ckdancegirl7

Hello! :)

I'm interested in auditioning for the Suzanne Farrell Ballet summer intensive this coming year. I've heard the auditions for that are quite early, and I was wondering if anyone knows how I can find out more about the program (I think it's called "Exploring Ballet with Suzanne Farrell")?? That would be soooooooo helpful!! Also, does anyone know where I can find information about the Joffrey intensive or the PBT intensive? I know I'm asking so many questions, but I have hardly been able find any information for any of these programs. I'm also interested in auditioning for a summer intensive in Pennsylvania that gives out a fair number of scholarships. Does anyone know of any such companies?? I will greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks again! :wacko:

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ck, it's only October! Give us a break here :) The SI information will be on all the major schools and companies websites very soon, and the ads will all be in the Dec. and Jan. issues of Dance and Pointe Magazines. That means mid-November for the Dance magazine Dec. issue. So, hang in there and wait a bit, okay? :wacko:

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