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Guest dancingforever

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Guest dancingforever

hi! i've been doing ballet for 2 years, and i started dancing tap, jazz and musical theatre 6-10 years ago. recently, i've noticed that my hips are really tight and when i try to turn out, i can't without popping my hips. they make a crunchy sound when i swing them back and forth to warm them up and even after that, i have to pop them to turn out properly. why is this, and how can i fix it? thanks!

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Don't swing them back and forth before you're thoroughly warmed up, to reduce the possibility of injury. If you're finding a restriction of movement, or pain, then you may have a problem and may need to consult with a physician to ascertain what's going on. Before you do that, ask your teacher if s/he sees anything going on wrong. The problem may be solvable in the classroom.

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