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although i love ballet, i don't want to be a professional in a company. my dream is to be on broadway or in a modern company. because i do tap, jazz and modern, i have developed muscles that don't help in ballet, like my quads. they are way too bulky, and i'm not sure exactly what stretches are good for them. i am looking into pilates, but what can i do non a daily baisis to lengthen them? thanks!

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Pilates is good. You can use videos to help you get some quad stretches that will lengthen the muscle, and ask about them when you get to a Pilates trainer. You can also search on "quad stretches" on this board, and some should show up for you. Be sure to include the quotation marks in the search, so you don't get Quad Cities, or every word stretch that's been written to this board.

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