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Where to do in Canada (Toronto, Calgary)

Guest Jenn

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Hello! I'm currently taking adult ballet classes (level I) at the National Ballet School in Toronto (http://www.nationalballetschool.org/pages/danceprograms/adult.html). I love it - so good to be back in Ballet after some 14-15 years! I'm now looking to move to Calgary, and top on my list is finding a good program for adult ballet. In searching past messages I've seen reference to Calgary's International School of Ballet (http://www.iballet.com), so I'll look into that. Any other places people can recommend?

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I would definitely recommend the "School of Alberta Ballet" in Calgary. I have no experience with the adult classes offered there but was fortunate enough to have taken class there briefly. There's not much info on the website (scroll through the menu bar on the bottom) but I would recommend calling for more information. I was impressed with the knowledge, ability, and dedication of the teachers. The studios are of a good size with nice tall ceilings and sprung marley floors. It's a fairly new facility and is located pretty centrally in the city.

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Hi Jenn...

Although I do not think I could help you with your quest in finding a school in Calgary. I was just wondering if you could tell me what you liked and disliked about the NBS adult program (teachers, seriousness of teaching, curriculum, facilities, improvement in other students and age/ ability range).

There is a possibility for me to move to Toronto and this would put me...In the same boat as You!!

Thanks in advance and good luck! Maybe your response could help others guide you in finding a well suited studio for your needs. :)

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Sorry about the delayed response; I was expecting email notification on this thread but only received one.


I absolutely love my classes at NBS, and wish I could have afforded to register for two classes per week. The instructor I have is great, and just the concept of studying at NBS is neat. I like knowing that the tuition is helping the NBS program. The other girls in the class are nice.


Some things to keep in mind:


- Registration fills up very quickly! I did all sorts of dance (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, etc) when young and decided I should probably register in level II. It was completely full when I called, same with the I/II split class. In the end, I'm happy in level I. Turns out our class is quite advanced so we're way ahead of the regular level I schedule. Seems the instructors are very willing to customize based on class ability. Moreover, if you end up in the wrong class, there seems to be some ability to move up/down.


- Their current location is very old, and badly in need of repair. Our classes are in the basement, which isn't the optimal environment IMO. This having been said, a new school is being built for NBS just a few blocks away. I don't know when it'll be done, but everyone is super excited about the new venue.


- The classes are quite full, probably too full. It's true that at any given class, a small handful of students are absent, but even when absent I find the class overcrowded. Maybe this will change with the new venue (bigger classrooms?). Even with the large class size, the instructor does do a great job giving individual attention.


If you haven't discovered the NBS adult classes web page. your travels, it definitely tells you a lot about the program (levels, dates, prices).

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Thanks Jenn!


I have looked at the website and found it interesting.

I will probably try to do the one-time drop-in class they seem to allow before registering. Any advice on this? Too bad the classes are too crowded ( how many are you in a class?), but if the teacher makes room for individual attention it makes it better.

I am glad to hear you did not regret starting at the Beginner 1 level. I am sure that getting back to basics will helpyou tremendously in being the best dancer you can be

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Hi, I would like to recommend Dance Teq holding classes at the National Ballet School of Canada on Queen Quay West. I took intermediate ballet on Friday night. There were about 30 students ranging from teens to 60s. There was a live pianist. The combinations were challenging and interesting. I shall attend classes there when I can. There are gorgeous studios and dressing rooms with showers.


I would also like to recommend advanced ballet classes at Metro Movement, 833 Broadview, a block from the Broadview subway on the Bloor St line. There is a large studio. There are showers in the dressing rooms. :yes: .I took a fine class on Sunday 10:30 am to noon. There were about 20 women. There was a good pianist. There are advanced ballet classes there 10:30 am to noon on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I plan to return tomorrow. There are also jazz classes at this studio.

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Thanks, colas, for the tip. It's good for reference by others, even if the original poster, Jenn, is no longer registered with the site. She probably had not even clicked through for at least two years as of last April. That's when we did a mass prune based on who uses the site, and who doesn't.

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Since we're on the topic of Canada, Can anyone recommend good adult classes in Edmonton, Alberta? (or intermediate/adv foundation RAD level)


Anyone know much about the Edmonton School of Ballet?

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I have been taking classes at the Edmonton School of Ballet the last few years. There are some great teachers at the school, but I am not sure who is teaching their adult summer intensive or next year's adult classes. They are open to letting serious adult students take syllabus classes with kids/teens, too, so that is another option.


Another good place is Dance Alberta. They have adult classes year-round and the two Intermediate classes currently on there are a pleasant challenge to me (I'm around intermediate RAD level).

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HI Kendra, thats excellent to hear. I was emailed today by edmonton school of ballet and they suggested i might be better taking the advanced course for summer intensive.


I have dance alberta on my list to check out, so maybe i will bump into you there. You'll know if a crazy blonde aussie appears in your class it's probably me.

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I was emailed today by edmonton school of ballet and they suggested i might be better taking the advanced course for summer intensive.


I have dance alberta on my list to check out, so maybe i will bump into you there.


appleblossom, that sounds fantastic! I am going to Richmond this year (YAY!!!), so maybe we can exchange information on our respective experiences. I don't have PM privileges yet, so didn't get the PM you sent me. I've posted my home email address on the Adult Students Buddy Board under the "Flaming June" post, so I would love it if you would get in touch.



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Hey Robyn C, I forgot about the PM privledges rule. no worries... Richmond sounds amazing...

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