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hip twisting and tendonitis

Guest five6seveneight

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Guest five6seveneight

hi everyone!

for quite a few months, ive had pain in the muscles near my hips and ribs. i went to the doctor and then the ortho. they say that i have hip tendonitis and i am now seeing a PT who specializes in dancers.

becuase it hurts when i stand in 5th position, im wondering if this might have been caused by twisting my hips when i stand in 5th? ive stopped doing 5th and stand in 1st instead, but its very frustrating. :) ive realized that i twist my hips a lot when i do almost everything, from tendus and extensions to passe and pirouettes! does anyone have any suggestions to help me stop twisting and stand in 5th again?

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five6seveneight, I'm not sure what you mean by "twisting your hips". It sounds to me like this is a rotation problem, possibly caused by over rotating. Can you explain twisting?

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Guest five6seveneight

long time since i got a chance to write, sorry it took so long.


i guess that my problem really lies in gripping the floor with my feet. this lets me force my turn out (i know... BAD! very BAD!), which makes my hips not stay square to the front. so a better question, i suppose, is how can i make sure i dont grip the floor with my toes?


also, while im at it... ive got bruised metatarsals on one foot... any ideas on how i can prevent that from happening again once theyve healed?


thanks for your time!

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Guest thumpinhippo

I haven't been here for a while so it's quite funny to see all these topics concerning things I have been thinking about and focusing on quite recently, as recently as in class today!!! In this topic, it's hip twisting - not painful but hip twisting nonetheless. Surprisingly, I have jsut found out that i have a problem keeping my hips "square" but now that i realise this, it solves heaps of problems. A main one is in arabesque where I think I am turnign my leg out from the hip but am actually raising it in order for it to look the same as how the teacher did it in the mirror. While I'm here, any suggestions?

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For arabesque you must move the weight of the body forward enough to allow the hip to open a bit if you expect to have a rotated position. The hip does not lift, but it does open somewhat. If you try to keep it square you will not get any rotation above about 30º.

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Guest Future Star

I have achilles tendonitis and it really hurts but nothing my doctor (ice) says will help it. And I'm even trying this homeopathic medicine now that's supposed to help but now my mom thinks I should stop taking it because it's not helping. What to do. What to do.

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Rest, Ice, (soft) compression, and Elevation. You've got the holiday break coming up, so you can do plenty of resting of the affected part. And when I say rest I mean rest. Don't even do a lot of walking! The achilles tendon is nothing to shrug off. Don't wrap it. Soft compression like using a pillow or a piece of sheep fleece is good to cushion it while you rest it and watch a lot of ballet videos.

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