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frustating turnout!


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I know turnout has been discussed here many times, but I couldn't find anything on my specific question, so forgive me if it has already been asked.


My turnout has always been frustrating, partly because I didn't realize how important it was young enough to really do anything about mine. I've heard (maybe on this board) that once you're 16 or so you can't increase the rotation in your hips. I'm very close to being 16, and even though I have been actively working my turnout for about a year or maybe more, I haven't really seen any difference! :wallbash:


My main question is twofold, I guess. One, once you're 16, are you really stuck with however much turnout you have? And also, I'm embarrassed at my bad turnout, so I often strain it just a bit. :ermm: My theory I guess, is that maybe my hips will catch up to my slightly over turned out feet. I'm wondering if I'll just be stuck w/ terrible turnout, since it won't get better now, and if I want to look descent, have to force my 5th for the rest of my life, which would stink for my knees!


Sorry this is so long, but this has been bothering me for a while, and I'd really like to know. Thanks! :helpsmilie:

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Blackbird, I'm sorry but there is not a definitive answer on the question about whether it will improve after 16 or not, mainly because some people do and some don't. Everyone has a limit, however, it's very hard, if not impossible to know what that is.


One year or even a little more is not a long time to have been working on it. It can take much, much longer than that to see significant improvement.


Over rotating your feet is NOT a good idea, ever! :wallbash: You know the problems that will cause, and it will not help your hips, so it's useless. All you can do right now is learn to USE what you have to the max, and keep working.

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Thanks. In my heart I know I shouldn't over rotate, but I want my turnout to look at least descent. By actively working my turnout only a little over a yearI meant that I have only been aware for that long of using my turnout in everything, not just when I'm in 5th. (fondue, frappe, etc) I'll just keep working. :wallbash:

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