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stretching, strengthening at work?


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Maybe this is a bizarre question, but oh well. I sit at a desk all day at work. And I just don't have a lot of time outside of work to concentrate on stretching and whatnot. Does anyone have any suggestions for stretches that one can do at a desk in a chair (preferrably without looking too bizarre to passersby)? Believe me, if I had an office with a door, I'd be standing at my desk most the day practicinge penche and what not. :rolleyes:

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and now that i browse the board a bit more i am finding posts regarding this that didn't show up in my original search. :rolleyes:

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The main thing to remember when working at a sedentary office job is to get up once an hour or so and just move. Schedule your tasks so that you can incorporate this into your work day. You'll be doing your spine a favor by remembering to get out of that sitting position on a regular basis. This is more important than stretching at your desk.


Also, make a concentrated effort, when you are sitting, to sit up straight, keeping your spine lifted, your neck long, your shoulders down, your stomach in, etc. If you're at a computer, make sure you're at least two feet (an arm's length) from the screen. Shoulder rolls -- going both ways -- are also a nice way to release some of the tension we build up at our desks.


I understand the need to want to move. I've been known to tap dance in the copy room when I thought no one was looking. :rolleyes:

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