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Loose Joints and Pointe

Guest Jazzabelle

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Guest Jazzabelle

Howdy! I'm brand new to the site and so far I'm loving it.. Anyway.. Two absolutely different questions.


I've just begun ballet again after having done cheerleading for two years, gymnastics for about four, and about two and a half years of dance (ballet/tap). Since starting back, my instructor has said I've improved a ton and thinks that it's just I've gotten the hang of it all again. Right now I'm enrolled in a Pointe/Technique class that lasts an hour. I live an hour away from the studio so I am only allowed to go once a week seeing as my mom does not like to drive that far too often. The other day in class I asked my teacher how much training it usually took to get on pointe. We talked about that which led to her question of whether or not I was interested in getting on it. I said "Yes!" and I pretty much got a sense that she thought I could do it (strength and technique). She's bringing me back a pair to try on for myself and see how they feel next class (in two days). Do you think this is too soon or all right?


Next. The doctor has told me that I have loose joints. They pop so often, even when I'm not doing anything like dancing, stretching, or excercising. Just out of the blue! A lot of times these pops -really- hurt and make me stop what I'm doing or cringe. I was told that strength training would help with this sort of thing but I don't have the time to do it. Do you know of anything that would help or if this is hurting my dancing in any way?



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Hello Jazzabelle, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online.


I hate to be negative on your first post, but really there is no way you should be doing any pointe work at all with one ballet class a week. Even with all of your other activity and athletic abilities, your ballet training is not sufficient for pointe work, and no one who is not taking at least three classes in technique, an hour and a half each, over a period of several years, should be considered for pointe. Even if you are strong enough physically, you do not have the training and knowledge to work safely on pointe.


As for the loose joints, I'm afraid I would refer to a doctor on that, and perhaps some physical therapy or Pilates work.


As for time, anything we want badly enough and that is necessary in order to do what we really want to do has to become a priority, and when something is a priority one makes time for it.

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Guest Jazzabelle

Hehe, I didn't figure I'd get a positive answer about that anyway, but thank you for replying. :rolleyes: I've been practicing outside class about a half an hour a day with the things I'm all right on. Basically keeping it fresh in my mind if you know what I mean.


Physical therapy--as long as it's no more "debridement" (not sure about spelling and such)... absolutely sure it will not! Eeee!!

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Oh, no, debridement means removing foreign objects and necrotic (dead) tissue from a wound area.

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