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Opinions on partnering

Guest Jazzabelle

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We have one or two dedicated guys who come every week, one who is fairly advanced, and one who has just started ballet. I mesh much better with the newer dancer, as do most of the dancers, but we all take turns with both. We also have a few boys who come sometimes, the sons of one of the Church office workers (studio is rented from a Church) and sometimes brothers of dancers. All the men are shorter than me, or shorter than me when I"m on pointe, but they are all strong enough to lift me, which is awesome! Last week, we started doing the "bluebird" lift, where you are in a frog-like position, but on the man's shoulder. It would be nice to get some taller guys into class, but I still like all that we're able to do.

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Guest imadancer


consider yourself lucky :clover: I attend a fairly small company but we only have one 5yr. old boy here.Thankfully, I got into American Academy of Ballet's SI :sweating: which is said to have lots of guys. So maybe I'll get to have my first partnering class then! :shrug::party::blushing:

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I hope you get to have partnering...it's really a lot of fun! This was the first year our school offered it, because they started recruiting guys from the companies that our teachers dance with/ direct. Or the boys from the office downstairs. We also have a fair number of smaller boys, including one wonderful 4th grader who gets every single male roll in Nutcracker each year, and seems to love ballet. Those girls in his class are going to be very lucky when he gets older!

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Guest imadancer

For our Nutcracker and other performances our directors bring in two or three prefessionals to dance major roles and the other roles go to the dancer's little brothers.This week we found out that some more guys might come in for the spring recital.So now we should get to have one or two partnering classes!!!!!!!!!!! B)

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