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What Exactly is Floor-Barre?

Guest Emsin

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Many thanks to those who responded to my request for recommendations for classes and teachers in NYC. What an eye-opener!


One person recommended a floor-barre class. I've seen these on schedules here and there and am curious about what exactly "floor-barre" is. My apologies if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere on this site.





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Emsin, it a ballet barre done on the floor, either on your back or face down. It does all the exercises, pliés, tendus, rond de jambes, etc., and is very useful as a teaching tool for the muscles. It's a good workout, and can be a fine adjunct to regular ballet classes.


Check out www. floor-barre.org

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You can email me at alysonabriel@hotmail.com if you have any questions about Emilietta's class. She doesn't have a website yet but a brief description is at


STEPS bios




BDC bios


There's a sub until the 30th who's really good and teaches the class identically to Emilietta. You'll learn it really well, especially with the smaller class size.


I've only been back dancing for 9 1/2 months and am shocked by how quickly I've progressed in terms of strength and placement. Don't let anyone scare you off from taking the class. It somehow got a reputation for being really hard. The first time you go will be challenging, but you get the hang of it pretty fast. It's so important to build correct placement in the hips and the necessary strength for ballet. If you ever get hip pain or knee problems, or have trouble holding a balance, this can help you a LOT. You'll learn quite a bit. It's not just about training the body, you learn to really think about how you're working as well:D

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