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help! my teacher hates me...


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I've been wondering if maybe someone could hep me with this. I go to a dancing school where the owner of the school hates me , but I don't want to leave because a) I like the other teacher and :huh: it's convenient for me .

The problem is that this woman is constantly criticising me (to my face or even to other people working at the barre) . I can't really answer back because she threatens to fire me, but I've really had enough . She especially criticises my body, telling me I look as if I was six months pregnant (which I'm not) ,or calling me 'fat cow' . It's true I've not exactly a dancer'body ( I'm 1m73 tall and weigh about 68 kg) but I've been anorexic for a long time and I've put on weigh lately .so what ?

Does anyone have an answer ? :wallbash: Thanks a lot

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OK, you're an adult; can you drop classes from the teacher who causes you problems, and only study with the one who doesn't? Normally, we don't discuss eating disorders here at all, and will shut down a thread that even mentions them, but your question, "so what" seems to indicate that you're recovering. Please continue to do so. It sounds more to me as though the teacher who is being so hostile to you doesn't like teaching adults and shouldn't be doing it.

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Minty, I really don't think that placing yourself in the position of being put down while trying to dance is productive at all. You have to be able to enjoy doing this, and it seems to me that classes under those circumstances would be impossible to enjoy and impossible to progress and learn. Corrections are one thing, but name calling and negative comments are just destructive. Find another school, or just don't go to this teacher's classes! :wallbash:

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Thanks for your support ; I have of course stopped taking classes with this teacher, but unfortunately I still meet her everyday , as she is the owner of the school , and therefore the one who collects the money before each class....

I agree, it's totally counterproductive, especially when I feel her eyes on me (quite often) : I then try to do my best , but it comes out very awkward usually

When I say, 'fire me' I mean, forbid me to darken the doors of her school ever again (if I worked for her , i could sur her for harassment, but unfortunately, I'm only her client !!!! :dry:

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