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My traineeship ends on October 31st and I had to find a new job. Searching the ads, I saw an ad for the function of au pair in Cannes! After only 1,5 weeks of corresponding via e-mail, I got the job! I'm leaving in 1,5 week time (it's on such a short hand period....)!


My question now is, if there is anyone in France, near that area....does anyone know about balletclasses in that area???? I would love to try and continue practising my ballet (as it is a job for a year....I can quit though if it's not working out....)!!


Anyone out here who can help me??



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I suppose that if the Centre de Danse (which used to be Rosella Hightower's school but I think is now headed by Monique Loudieres) has classes you could take that might be a good choice. Good luck!

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:) Congratulations on your new job. The only place i know where to dance is in Nice - not sure just how far that is away from Cannes but i do see it signposted when i go there with work. Not much use am i...........


Does this mean we meet up in France now and not Schipol?


Skippy :wacko:

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thanks for the information!!


maybe, if nice is not that far away and i have a day off....i can try to go to class in nice...!!!


i guess that we'll have to meet up overthere then.....but, if i don't like it, i can always come back with martinair! they were pleased with my result this summer and thought i really worked well for a 19 year old :( !!!! so, if it doesn't work out in France, i'll go back to martinair next summerseason!!!!



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Guest Viviane

Skip, you can find info about the school "Ecole de danse supérieure, Rosella Hightower" at :


This is an excellent school, do a search on ex-students and you'll be impressed.

Unfortunately -as far as I know- there are no lessons outside the regular "school-structure", but you can always ask and if negative they can point you to another address.

They do have very good 'stages' during schoolholidays (autumn, easter, summer), these are open for everyone.

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thanks viviane!!!


i'll look at it and if i have time....i might go down there.....but as you already said, i think it's more like a professional college programm.....


but hey, if you don't try, you don't get anything....!!!!


thanks for your help!!



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