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Help with Fouettes...

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Guest BBNButterscotch


We just started working fouettes in my class. We'd been doing them at the barre for awhile, first the leg work then the turns, and I was fine, but when we get into the center, I can't seem to get enough power to get all the way around. I dont have this problem with pirouettes, i dont know what the problem is. Any advice, tips? My teacher doesn't see anything wrong with my leg placement or anything...

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How are you starting into them? The best way to get the power going is with a double pirouette en dehors. It's much harder to have enough impetus from a single or any other preparation.

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I don't know if this will help you at all, but I notice that my "standing shoulder"makes a lot of difference in fouettes with me..... Since I'm a guy, I don't don them often, but we get them at hte barre and mine have gotten surprisingly easy-- of course, a the barre, the barre arm is --- well, it's different in the center --- but I find if I DON"T take my arm off the barre and do them "from nowhere" they go even worse for me -- so that's not really the issue -- in any case, I think about getting he action right below the waist, opening hte working arm with a slight reach forward and out, and onc the turn begins I concentrate on BRINGING THE STANDING SHOULDER AROUND.... and it seems to WORK....

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Paul Parish is probably right. I bet you anything that you're leaving the back on the supporting side in place while you're trying to initiate the turn and that's totally throwing you off. Thinking about the leg isn't as important as thinking about bringing the back around. Also, make sure to shift completely onto the supporting leg during the plie--before you even releve. You may be pulling yourself off the leg as well.

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And just think, the guys can do series of fouettés, too. Except we do them sauté. :nopity::toot:

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Are you spotting to the front? I notice how much the head helps move things around (when done correctly), but we never do these center unless we start with a pirouette en dehors, then if I don't have enough of a demi to spring up again, I'm just "dead in the water".

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