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Hello all,

Finally have my computer up and running again. Whilst i was running around London the other day like a headless chicken (needed new pointe shoes before class), i noticed that the RB are doing Cinderella this Christmas. I i am not mistaken it starts on the 23rd December and goes on until the end of Jan. I am pretty sure i have the 23rd Dec off as annual leave (which will probably be my only day off over Christmas) so would anyone like to meet up.


Jinty, I know it might be a little harder for you but you could always park yourself at mine.


Skippy :)

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Skippy what a good idea as we should all meet up at some point this century! :( But 23rd Dec would be bad for me - I'll be off up to Scotland and home til new year... What about the end of Jan when we're all feeling gloomy?

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Off to Mum's in her 'winter home' in sunny Florida on 17th Dec (just trying to make you all reeeeaaally jealous :wink: ). Back 1st Jan so hopefully any time in January would be OK for me.



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I'm still up for a UK meet if by some miracle we find a date that suits everyone! Work dries up a bit for me after New Year's Eve, so anytime in January should be good for me.

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January sounds good to me. I get my Jan roster in the middle of December so i should have a fair idea of what i am doing.


Skippy :D

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