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Guest ckdancegirl7

I am at a dance school that teaches the traditional Russian style, but I am very interested in becoming a Balanchine dancer. My dream is to someday dance with NYCB! I auditioned for the School of American Ballet's summer intensive last year, and was placed on the waiting list which I am pleased with, but does anyone know particular qualities NYCB and other Balanchine-track companies look for? I want to improve my knowledge of Balanchine dance...I know they like tall dancers (I am fairly tall for my age: I just turned 15 yesterday, and am 5'6), they keep the front leg slightly relaxed in fifth position, they have very open arabesques and deep lunges, and do pirhouettes with the back leg straight instead of in plie fourth pos. Am I missing any other details? What else do they look for? I would much appreciate any tips. :) Since my pre-professional dance school teaches dancers the traditional Russian style (so we can easilly change styles in the future if we join a company with a different style), and I am interested in the Balanchine technique, I would like to know what to work on so I might have more of a chance of being accepted into such a company when I'm older.

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Balanchine companies like what their Artistic Directors like. If you are auditioning for Peter Martins, it will be vastly different from auditioning for Kent Stowell and Francia Russell and it will be a third thing if you audition for a program run by Jillana. All are authorized practioners of Balanchine. Balanchine Technique® or Style® is like the Constitution, just as the law of the land is whatever the Supreme Court says it is, Balanchine is whatever the Balanchine Trust or Foundation say it is.

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ck, just concentrate on being the best dancer you can be. SAB will take people who are well trained and who have really good potential. They do not need to see Balanchine style, they will create that if they take you. Just continue doing things the way you are taught, and that will be fine. :(

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