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My friend was just asking me what roles there are for supers in La Bayadère (particularly Kirov Ballet's version) because she wants to audition but would like to know in advance what they are looking for since the advertisement didn't say. I am only vaguely familiar with the plot (though I'm seeing it soon!), but I know that many people here will know. (They are auditioning both younger/shorter girls to dance on pointe and taller girls with no necessary dance experience...though my friend dances, she's in the latter category - so I'm mainly interested in those supers) Thanks! :grinning:

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For supers, your friend would probably be interested in the "temple worshipers" (This is my name for them, for lack of a better one), or the hand maidens. These parts are for relatively tall (5'6" or so) women, with a "dancer" look (no dance experience necessary). The parts require only the ability to follow direction well. There is some standing still time and some walking time and some sitting time. I imagine this would be a very good place to watch the ballet from! Good Luck to your friend. They will also need men/boys to hold spears, carry the princess and the rajah. Everyone gets to wear a great costume, too!


:grinning: oops, sorry, I'm not a teen, but I did have this info so I thought I'd share it. If you want to delete this, I'm really okay with it.

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Pj, there's nothing wrong with having this information handy. We get these questions about supernumeraries for various companies, and it's helpful to have a track record available for later searches as to who needs what for whom. :grinning:

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