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i was wondering if its good to draw up a timetable for oneself because i thought it might be good to be disciplined??


However, if it is good, can anyone advise if its better to practice barrework than center work as i might be practicing mistakes?


Lastly, i have a problem with tendus or anything that needs to close in fifth position as my thighs would touch before i can close a tight fifth. I would be grateful for any advice for corrections or guidance.



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e1, I'm afraid I don't remember enough about you to know your level of training and amount of classes per week. Practicing at home should only be barre work and floor stretching, as there is very rarely a proper space or surface to practice center work. And, one should practice only things that they know how to do, in order not to practice mistakes and groove those into the body!


As for 5th position, as with first, IF your legs are either extremely hyperextended or the calves are very large, there should be no problem in these positions if your placement is correct. If you have either of the above conditions, then a small, repeat, SMALL space should be allowed between the heels in first and between the heel of the front foot and the toe of the back foot in fifth. This will allow you to both straighten the legs and keep the pelvis in proper alignment.


Not quite sure what you mean by a timetable. Are you talking about a daily plan, or about a long term plan?

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sorry if i did not make myself clear. i take 3 ballet classes a week, of which one is pointe work. i can't afford more classes.


i was querying about daily timetable whereby one can improve oneself.


Thanks for your advice so far.

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Time budgeting is an effective way of managing one's life and work, and laying out a daily or weekly plan for the conduct of affairs is a good idea. Beyond about a week or a month, however, the future is largely unmappable. Building a schedule is very detailed at the daily level, slightly less so at the weekly, even more vague at monthly, and by the time you reach quarterly, you've reached...space...the final frontier.... For example, 20 December 2005 - debut as the Swan Queen at Covent Garden is just Science Fiction! :wink: Dreams are great, and you can actually learn a lot about yourself from them, but they shouldn't cloud over reality.

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