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I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to take classes in San Diego. I'm an adult beginner - namely, I haven't taken any classes at all yet. I'm not sure if anyone here is from the area, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks.

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Guest piccolo

I can recommend two schools: City Ballet (they are in the community of Pacific Beach) and California Ballet (they are in Kearny Mesa.) Both have good adult classes from the beginning level to advanced.

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I found that California Ballet in Kearny Mesa was good. I used to travel to San Diego a lot for my job and would take single classes there whenever I was in town. The intermediate class was very challenging. I do think that for beginners, even their beginners class is difficult. So if you're a beginner with zero ballet experience, you might find it difficult.

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Given my total lack of coordination, I think a difficult beginner class would probably not be for me. Actually, I've called the City Ballet and I'm planning on starting two weeks from now, as soon as I finish training for my half-marathon (and I will be very relieved when I no longer have to schedule my life around running).

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I'm resurrecting this thread because we will be in this area for about a week this summer.


Is this information still valid, have there been changes, additions??


What about the north-county ? Any classes there?


Thanks so much!



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Yes, the information is still valid. You can find City Ballet's schedule on-line at http://www.cityballet.org. California Ballet's website is http://www.californiaballet.org. I don't know about classes in North County. Additionally, you might want to try the Academy of Performing Arts, http://www.apastudios.com, which also offers a variety of ballet and other classes for adults.

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Try the many Community colleges with dance departments. I go to Grossmont College in El Cajon which offers beginner-advanced ballet as well aspointe training. They also offer ballet and other dance classes at Mesa College and Cuyamaca College and I think City College has a dance dept. as well though I'm not sue. I would recomend community college for an adult beginner because it's generally a more relaxed environment and it costs a lot less than going to classes run by a company, one unit is only $26 for the whole semester.

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lovinballet - thanks for that. I just realised that San Marcos is farer away from SD than I thought, at least if one does not have a car, But I will just stay there for a couple of days :jump:

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Thank you for all the links!


I shall look into those.

We shall only be there for a little while, and that is right in the middle of the summer, but I hope that some places will still have classes.



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City Ballet has classes all summer long. Their adult schedule doesn't change. Can't speak for the others.


Ed, thank you for posting the link to the article. Someone was just telling me about that in class yesterday and you've saved me the effort of googling it.

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