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glissade? or not

Guest Steve

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I just moved and changed schools so I'm adjusting to a different teachers and styles, which is understandable. This is a question on the technique of a particular step. I'm guessing this is the right spot. I'm wondering if anyone knows what this combination or step would be:


In class today, we did an adage "glissade" combination that I was rather unfamiliar with. We started in Croise devant left foot pointed tendu, then a tombe into fourth posistion, and then rond de jambe a terre with the right foot around to the front and ended in a plie fourth posistion with the right foot front. Then we proceded to do a circular port de bras to the right and while coming back to the front point the back (left) foot into an arabesque with the front (right) knee still bent.


The combination seemed basic but it took a long explanation because the teacher called it a "glissade lens" (not sure on the spelling of lens, but that is how it sounded). She also could not fully demonstrate the step (its sad what health can do sometimes), but the students eventually got the step correct. The teacher formerly attended SAB and said that they did these in class. She also said that she can't find and definition for the step. She considered the whole phrase mentioned above as a single step, but the students and I agreed when talking after class that it was a combination of steps. I talked to her after class about it and she seemed to be forgetting something that was meant to be in the combination. She said that she'll have it figured out by next week (but i can't wait that long :P ). Any insight on this?

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Hi Steve, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum :P


I'm having a hard time figuring out this one, from the description. However, would consider whatever it is to be a combination of moves, rather than one thing. It's possible though that this does have a name in a certain syllabus, but I'm not familiar with it. Mr. Johnson may know this one.

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Sounds like the "glissade lent" from the Old French school. The actual glissade is the part that came before the port de bras.

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