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Sound too good to be true?

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I think your instincts are correct, DancingBoi. There is no magic wand for ballet. It's resistance stretching, just like with a theraband, Pilates equipment, etc. etc.

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Ms. Leigh is correct. I don't even see anything new here, and even a couple of shots that do things, like a suspension above the floor for the front leg in a split, that I heartily disrecommend.

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Yehuda Maor used to have a studio and a little company here with Christine Elliot, that had good training and a good community feel to it. Augusta Moore taught there. Yehuda himself taught a good Maggie Black-style class -- it opened up your rotation gradually, got you warm and square. He had a good following. His old friends from ABT -- would show up regularly and perform or set a ballet for his little company. Martine van Hamel and Wes Chapman in particular.


I've often wondered what he's up to now. It does look like he's merchandising this stretching-band thing beyond its merits.

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