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I am in a bind....

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101

Hey guys,

I am in need of advice! :D . Right now I live on Bainbridge Island, and am dancing at an extremely small (I am the only dancer on pointe) studio. I auditioned for PNBS but they didn't accept me, much to my disappointment and confusion. In the meantime, I am only able to get three or four classes a week in, and I take most of them on pointe, since there are no pointe classes offered. I need help! This studio is not working out! There are only two teachers, only one of which is very good, and since I am the most advanced dancer, I end up either getting ignored so the other dancer's can benefit or end up getting all the attention. It's sooooo frusturating :innocent: . What should I do? Should I look into boarding programs?


from a not so cheery Devion :shrug:

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Since you're on an island, and not satisfied with the standard of training on said island, let me begin this way: Do you have access to a boat, ferry, or other means of conveyance to the mainland? You fill in the rest.

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Devion, I think Mr. Johnson's point was that surely there are other schools in Seattle besides PNB. Check it out. :D

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Well, you're there, and we're on the other coast. Seems to me you'd know a lot more about local teachers there than we would, but since you're interested in PNB, and presumably Balanchine Training, Stephanie Saland teaches in Seattle, last I heard. :D

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