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I am not really blonde by the way! Hey guys I hope people will read this. I am 14 years old and want to attend a summer program other than ABT which didn't like me for some reason. I mean itwas fun but too protected and well not challenging I was put in a low level but my friend who dances in only one level higher then me at my studio was put all the way in lilac! I'd like to go to Houston but who knows what else? I practice Russian technique; which programs teach Vaganava and which teach balanchine? Which are fun and which are boring which are expensive and which are not well kept? Do some have better dormitories than others? Teachers? I need experienced people's help! :D I want to know which auditions I have a chance at and which I don't.


I wiegh 100 pounds and am 5'5 I have danced on pointe for 4 years and wear Russian Pointe, Gaynor Mendians, and Sansha Pointe shoes; but does that really matter? I don't know see?


By the way I can't spell so let the discussion begin!


Luv confuzzeled

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Dear Megan, welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!


We will be providing a thread later this month with as complete a listing as we can make on summer programs. Some organizers do not have their schedules finalized yet, so we have to wait on them, especially for information on audition tours, if any. :shrug:


PS. The kind of pointe shoes you wear doesn't make the slightest difference.

For customer surveys of last year's SIs, see:




PPS. Here's what we know so far about schedules - no facilities descriptions usually, but helpful supplementary info:



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