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where to take a good class in London...

Paul Parish

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I can't remember for sure who on htis board is from London -- Kate B, aren't you? but I DO get the idea that it's hard to find a good class in London. I've recently heard from a friend, VERY interesting dancer from SF who's gone to Kings College London, to do a classics degree (hey, she's a woman of parts) and complains of not being able to find a decent class .


In her own words, it's "As for dance classes, I’ve kind of given up on them and would rather just do yoga. The classes for “professional dancers” are way too prissy and I don’t even sweat. "


Can you help her out? I'll forward any suggestions.....

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I'm not a very good person to ask, being a bit of a traitor to ballet at the moment and spending a lot of my time doing contemporary, which is more rewarding and much better taught... :(


Basically, the problem with the open adult classes in London is that they are generally a bit of a free-for-all, with no one being very polite, the classes are too crowded and the teachers seem to be just happy to rake in the cash and not really teach anyone. I know there are some exceptions to this rule - I think Teresa Kelsey at Danceworks is a good teacher, but she teaches elementary level, so if your friend is looking for a difficult class this would probably not be it.


I'd suggest that she try the actual dancing schools like London Studio Centre and Central School of Ballet or some of the others and see if she can join in with their classes. I'd do that if I was really good at ballet and not at a job all day.


Sorry I can't be more help!

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Swanilda, do you know if Laura Conner's daughter went on to dance? Years ago I was waiting for someone outside a company class and she was there (don't know her name tho) and was quite excitedly showing me, a complete stranger, her new pointe shoes, it was very cute!

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