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Flexibility Excersises


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Yes indeed! Ballet class!


The whole class is designed to develop flexibility, strength, and rotation all simultaneously. Supplements are fine, but there's nothing like class!!!

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Thanks I'll keep in mind to try to work on it in class then. Lately I've been working on getting everything correctly placed and not on how high I lift it all so I was kind of hoping to do excersises at home to make things go higher in class. I'll try to work on that too though thanks.

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The things for you to practice at home should be those things over which you have a nearly complete command. Work at home for mastery. Warm up well before you do any stretches, just as in class, where they usually don't start to come in much before the barre is half over. Big stretches should be done after developpés, and you should concentrate on relaxing the muscles that you're stretching, so that you don't work against yourself.

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DancingDuck, you can also do extra stretching work, at home or at the studio, which is what Mr. Johnson meant by "Supplements are great...". But he also meant that the work you learn in classes, in terms of the types of stretching your teacher wants you to do and that you know how to do correctly are the things you should work on. There are a gazillion different exercises for flexibility, and there is no way to list and describe them all here. However, there are Archives and there is a YD Stretching and Exercises forum there that you might look at. :)


Just be sure that when you work on flexibility that you are VERY warmed up! Very easy to hurt yourself by stretching when you are not warmed up properly. :(

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