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Has anyone on this board ever been to Miami City Ballet's SI? If u have what did you like about it and what didn't u like? Also how were the dorms and the chaperones or RA's? What about the school itself? any info u have on this school would be great! I already looked at the Summer Intensive Survey and it didn't help much. :( Also what do they look for in dancers? Do they teach the vagnova or balanchine technique? Any information would be greatly appreciated! :rolleyes::DB)





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Balletgirl, I think any information we have is already on the survey. I thought there was quite a bit there, actually. MCB is primarily a Balanchine program.


As far as what they look for, I would think it would be the same as everyone else, which is a good facility, talent, musicality, a love of dance and an ability to express your feelings, and of course good training.

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