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RAD Vocational Exams?!?


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If you want to go on to get your Solo Seal Award, I know you must first hold your Advanced 2. but what about the other levels? Must you have Pre-Int,Int,Adv Foundation and Adv1 as well as Adv 2 to get Solo Seal. I hear you can skip the Pre-Int and Adv Foundation if you want. It would make sense to skip those levels since they are only foundation levels. Could I please have a confimation if you know the answer?

Thank-You! :( - whew, long one :)B)

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Guest Firebird3000

I know I'm not a moderator but:

You must have you intermediate RAD to to you Advanced 1 and your Advanced 1 to do your Advanced 2 but you don't have to have intermediate foundation or advanced foundation.


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Alex, you may not be a moderator, but you are correct. So far. Actually, I don't think London will be changing that part anytime soon. B)

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