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Guest idance2222

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Guest idance2222

I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. I have been dancing for almost 5 years now, and only one of those was on Pointe. I dance for Ballet Austin now. I wish to go away for the school year, but I can't seem to find any schools other than Harid and Wallnut Hill. I was wondering if there were any more high-schools like those in the USA. Thanks a bunch!!



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North Carolina School for the Arts has a long history and many successful alumni.


However, I do remember hearing that the culture of high schools away from home have problems with kids acting up in ways that they wouldn't if parents were around.... I heard this decades ago, so perhaps there are policies in place now to improve that situation. By "acting up", I mean the sort of self-discipline issues that older college age students are slightly better at avoiding.... notice I only say "slightly"....

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Hi, idance and welcome to Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online! :(


There are more than just a couple of places to study both academics and ballet, but not everyplace lets you study there year-round. Some insist that you go somewhere else for the summer, which I think is wise.


This question should be in Young Dancers, however, and I'm going to put it there now.

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Guest Mishi_Mishi

Interlochen Arts Academy (website) is a wonderful arts school which has Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, and I'm sure I'm missing some. I've heard that it's absolutely wonderful, and they are pretty well known for letting you take classes in a few arts areas instead of just the one you're majoring in.

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Hi, I spent some time looking at residential ballet programs too. Out side of the four already mentioned I also found The Idyllwild Arts Academy in Southern Califonia, The Virgina School of the Arts, and Nutmeg may have a full year program. About the disciplinary questions mentioned above, when you visit the schools (which is a VERY good idea) you will become aware of each schools own individual culture. They are all unique. If you want more information on Interlochen feel free to PM me.




P.S. you cant PM yet, so just reply if you would like to hear more about Interlochen. Actually, I am interested in Ballet Austin. You aren't happy with the program there? Do you like Stephen Mills? Where you at Ballet Austins SI this summer?

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Guest idance2222

Thanks everyone for replying to my message! I have really enjoyed looking at the websites of all the schools you named.


I really enjoy Ballet Austin. The people there are very kind. I have not personally worked with Mr. Mills, but I hear that he is a great person and I know he is a wonderful choergrapher. All the staff are very kind and the apprentices are very cool, thats who I usually get taught by. If you would like more information about the school you should e-mail (deleted in accordance with Ballet Talk Privacy Policy) or call and ask for Billy, their phone number is on the website. www.balletaustin.org Thank you so much



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Sorry, idance, we don't allow email addresses in the clear on the open boards. After you've been here for two weeks and have 30 posts, we'll admit you to the Buddy Board, where you can exchange personal information with other teens. It's a private forum visible only to teens and moderators, so no funny people get hold of your addie or phone #.

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As a practicing dance critic, I'd like to mention that I have seen north Carolina Schoolf of hte Arts turn up over and over in hte bios of excellent professoinal dancers who have toured through the Bay Area -- in ballet companies, and also in modern dance companies, such as Mark Morris's -- first -rate dancers No other school (aside from of course SAB) seems to turn up so much.


OOps, Mel, :) I wrote this before I thought about hte young dancers' forum restrictions-- Leave it up if you feel it's justified, or take it down --

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Guest bnicole193

The North Carolina School of The Arts year long program is only offered to Juniors and Seniors in high school though there are summer programs availiable for younger students. I guess summer programs aren't what you're looking for though.

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Aw, that's OK. Anybody can make a mistake. The trick is owning up to it, and correcting. You've done that perfectly. :flowers:

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Guest TootsiePop

HI! I might have missed someone saying this but there is also CPYB for a year round program. They do not have dorms, but you can get a host family! I (personally) think cpyb is a great program! CPYB stands for: Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (in case someone wanted to know hehe) and the website is: www.cpyb.org :) HTH!

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The rock school has a year round program for grades 9-12. their website is www.therockschool.org. u do your schoolwork through a cyber school.

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