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i,m 20 i take modern and ballet at a local school in bridgeton,but they have no adult classes for ballet my favort class,anyway i hope to do ballet adult beginers class in vineland.so in adult ballet classes what do guys usally wear.do you have to wear tights.

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Welcome balletbeginer - to Ballet Talk! :angry:


I'm going to move your post to the Adult dancer forum, where I believe you'll fit right in and get some good pointers on the answer to your question and find some kindred spirits as well. :flowers:

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Some teachers and schools may be pretty strict about what they expect you to wear to class, and they'll be sure to let you know.


I've always worn sweatpants to class, but if they're too baggy they'll restrict your movement, so getting the right fit is important. A lot of people in my classes wear what I think are called "jazz pants," which seem to allow a lot of freedom of movement as well. I've also seen some guys wear gym shorts. These are really your only options if you don't want to wear tights.



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However, if you are going to learn ballet, the teacher cannot help you if she cannot see what you are doing. That is the reason that tights and leotards are the standard attire for ballet class. One needs to be able to see if the correct muscles are working, if the body is aligned, knees straight, etc. Jazz pants and sweat pants may be okay for jazz classes, but they are not appropriate for ballet classes. :angry:

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Relax, buddy - I've been in this business for a lot longer than you - for one thing, I'm thirty-(mumble) years older than you, had a professional career, and tights are the thing, my man! You'll be astonished at the freedom tights bring, and if you wear a proper dance belt - (There, I said it) - you will be very comfortable learning ballet, and most other forms of dance.

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By the way, does anyone know if the infamous "Dance Belt" thread on alt.arts.ballet several years ago is archived anywhere and accessible via a web link?

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