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I have a small triumph to tell you about! My BF and I have started talking about having children, and while we were walking past my childhood ballet school on Saturday, he suddenly started asking me about when children could start classes! After a brief explanation he then stated categorically that he would like any child of ours, male or female, to go to ballet classes :angry: !! I'm sure you can imagine how happy I was to hear this - it was something I was hoping he was working up to, but I wasn't sure if he was ever going get it out!

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What a sweetheart! :angry:


I don't think many blokes I know would think it OK for boys to do ballet, particularly older ones.

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Guest beckster

I was talking to a friend of mine who loves going to the ballet with me, and she said that if she had a boy she wouldn't put him in ballet classes because it was too girly. I was quite surprised - but I suppose the "stigma" is still there, even in younger people and in female parents as well as males.

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Guest fastfeets

beckster, my 10 yr old son takes ballet classes. Of course, he's not too vocal about it at his academic school...but he's a very good dancer (wont be able to hide that for long...). He's one of 2 boys in this small school, and the only one in his age group. I will be waiting to begin my classes, which start after his, and will be stretching in a corner, and I've overheard some of the other parents (who either didn't see me, or didn't know I was his mom) comment on the same thing...the parents of dancers! (of course, taking that moment to speak up and say "oh I don't know, his dad and I think he's quite a phenomenal dancer...." which embarrasses them terribly ;))

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