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Guest Until The End Of Time

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Guest Until The End Of Time


I am so lost on how to position my "package" when I wear my dance belt.

I am not looking for sexual remarks either, I am looking for strictly professional

help and honesty and tips. This is my second year and this year I have to wear tights and a dance belt, and I have no clue how to position my package while wearing it so in my last few classes I positioned it like a little lump and wore a white shirt long enough to cover it. I am asking for all the help. I am sorry if how I put it is inappropriate. Please help. :blushing::shrug::sweating:

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Hello Until The End of Time, and welcome to Ballet Alert! Online.


Mr. Johnson will answer your post when he gets here this evening, but in the meantime I'm going to move it to the men's forum, as I don't really think it's an appropriate topic for Young Dancers' forum, which is populated in great majority by young female dancers. (Not that males are not welcome! They most certainly are, however, this particular topic is more suited to the men's forum.)

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Guest Leigh Witchel

[With Major Mel's indulgence, I'll try for an answer at this in case you need it earlier]


Tuck it upwards in your dancebelt. If you feel uncomfortable in tights, speak to the teacher honestly. You might consider wearing a pair of gymshorts over your tights for a bit until you feel a bit better. If you are wearing white tights onstage, some men need to wear two pair of tights for opacity especially if your leg and pubic hair is black. This was never a problem I had, probably because I used a thicker brand of white tights.


I hope this helps. It is uncomfortable to feel "exposed" in class and onstage, but I think you'll find that people aren't really looking, they're concentrating on their class.

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You did a good job with trying to phrase things as delicately as you could put it. It's tricky to approach this particular topic with any amount of good taste. Mr. Witchel is quite correct. Everything goes up with the dance belt. Really almost natural as you put it on. And Hans's idea is good too. In fact, let me help:



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Guest Until The End Of Time

I want to thank everyone for helping, because I have asked other groups but this one seemed by far the most honest because they have mods that have done ballet. thanks to everyone for your help and not switching it around into a sexual remarked topic. So once again thanks for the help. :P:)

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Believe me, this is one reason we set this forum up. We wanted a place where personal matters unique to males could be talked about in a manner respecting the dignity of the poster, and giving the correct information in a timely manner, which is why Mr. Witchel took the question promptly. (Thanks, Leigh! :) ) Discreet and dignified is the standard for dealing with this kind of question. Other things, maybe we can have a little fun.

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ANothe thing to think about is the tights themselves -- I like to wear thick black cotton tights, which soften the contours of things and aren't shiny. Check around and see what kind of tights make you feel dignified and yet visible. It will help your teachers if they can see your muscles -- though some of my teachers seem ot have x-Ray vision. Here in Berkeley, adults can wear almost anything thats comfortable to class.... Many modern dancers here also take ballet class, and they almost never wear tights but prefer very light soft jersey drawstring pants.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

One thing I have began to notice is how when I looked at pictures to figure out how they position them selves wearing a dance belt. A quite a few of them looked as if they were wearing a cup or some type of shielder. Correct me if I am wrong.


So I just lift it upward pointing towards the chest and dance on? Ok, for a fact I know it will move to the side. I am just paranoid. My sister is starting to dance again and now she wants to join my class, So you would be paranoid too. :P


I have Capezio Black men's tights and a capezio natural color dance belt and one thing I noticed is that with the elastic belt I made to hold up my tights better, I could notice my dance belt because its not black and I am not as worried.


Another thing I would like to know is how do I get the tights to stick to me like I spray painted my legs black? Is there a certain tights I can buy that do that? I am currently told M. Stevens is the best and/or most prefered. :wink:


If anyone else has anything they would like to offer me or share with me please do so I am open to hearing anything like warnings, other tips, etc. Thanks. :)

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Nope, nobody's wearing anything extra with a dance belt. It shows right away, including the legendary ball of socks in the dance belt. If things shift in there, they shift. Eenh! :) By the time you're working hard enough to make things move under your clothing, everybody's working too hard to notice much of anything about other people's appearance. As long as you start the class looking presentable and feel comfy, you're fine. Stevens makes a good line of tights. As with all men's tights, however, you have to be careful of the crotch gusset. That's where the great majority of the runs start from.

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I've found that M. Stevens tights look the best, and they are also more opaque than Capezio. However, they are thin, so if you don't have one already, you might consider trying a quilted dance belt (perfectly good ones made by Capezio); they show less detail.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

So M. stevens are more opaque. Good, I'll have to order me a pair of those. I have a regular dance belt. I like it, but in a way I don't. I don't feel the dance belt when I dance, but when Im sitting or not dancing I can feel it. :P Drives me crazy.


No one has answered how I make the tights look like I painted my legs black, meaning they look they are stuck to you like a "demon possed" pair of tights. :yes:


What is this sock trick? How does that work? I am dead serious when I mean someone looked like they were wearing a cup hold on let me get the link.




I hope some can see that pic. U'll notice the guy looks as if he is wearing a shield and My questin is how do i make my tights that tight looking.


Well I am off to do the things for my mother ttyl.

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That has much more to do with the cut of the dance belt than the configuration of the dancer. It may also owe something to airbrushing or computer finagling. Remember, photographers are notorious for smoothing things out on their pictures! Now, a word of friendly advice: Stop worrying so much about your appearance, and get your mind on the work. Tights for class are not the same as tights for performance. You can have folds and wrinkles and things that look like pleats in them for class, and nobody will take notice! :yes:

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WWEll sir, that is definitely a stylish looking pair of guys -- but you don't dress like that for class.


What's that picture from ? Eugene Onegin? Manon Lescaut?

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M. Stevens tights give the "painted on" look, and definitely get a quilted dancebelt, but a sock would be amazingly obvious and worse than having nothing. And Mel is right--your tights don't have to look perfect for every class as long as the teacher can see that you're using your muscles properly.

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