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Guest Mishi_Mishi

Okay, this is quite confusing. I began taking ballet when I was three and stopped when I was ten due to a broken ankle. I began again when my doctor allowed me (at the age of thirteen), and at right before fifteen, I began pointe. I love to dance and am very dedicated, but I missed out on three very crucial years of training (or so say many of the dance programs I have inquired about). I wish to do a summer program at some point, but would be forced to compete for positions with girls that have been en pointe for twice as long as I. Are there any schools that offer summer programs that are not as competitive, or are maybe less known of?


I know of two here, and one is very difficult to get into (students from all over the state compete to get into it), and one doesn't do pointe work. Help?

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In most summer programs, the ones worth attending, anyway, pointe is a separate element from ordinary technique classes. The two are not necessarily linked and you can be at one level in a technique class, and another in pointe. Everybody's different! What do you mean "compete" to get into a program? Audition? That's part of a dancer's life, and the sooner you get used to it, the better!

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It's OK, auditions are one form of competition. It's just that when you're a dancer, you do a lot of them!

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Guest TootsiePop

The school CPYB accepts everyone as long as you get your application in on time! For most levels (the levels they feel are ready, for the most part, some people who attend are en pointe but do not do pointe in their level for that summer) there is a pointe class (and plenty of technique classes too of course :blushing:) CPYB was my very first summer program and I loved it! I highly reccomend it. But, auditioning IS part of a dancers career, but if you really dont want to this year then CPYB just asks for you to send in pictures. I hope I am understanding your question right lol...so Hopefully this helped :)

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There are many wonderful programs out there that are not "competitive" (I know we're trying to stay away from that word) the way ABT or SAB are. Interlochen and Blue Lake are two that I know are wonderful, and take a wide range of dancers. There are certainly tons and tons more, but those two come to mind right now. Certainly it does get harder as you get older, as there is a higher expectation from the programs. I'm worried about auditioning this year, because I don't compare with most other 16 year olds after a year and a half off, but I still really want to go to a dance program. The trick is to evaluate yourself, and talk to your teachers, and figure out what type of school you're looking for, and then audition for those programs. It can't ever hurt to do audition classes, even if you aren't sure you want to attend a program, or even if you think you aren't good enough. Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

Yes, The Rock School is good! It's a place where they accept many different body types, etc and they take people who show that they will have improvement in their future. It's not as hard to get into as the "big" names but yet they do not take everyone...nice balance!

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