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OKAY My last question, I promise >.<

Guest Mishi_Mishi

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Guest Mishi_Mishi

There is this particular turn which I can do, and I just cannot remember the name of it for the life of me... You start on one foot (let's decide it's the right), half turn, then end up on the left foot, where you do another half turn, and then repeat whilst alternating feet. Aaah that was a horrible explination, but could anyone help?

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Don't make it your LAST question! :)


From your description, those sound like chainé turns. You do them in a series across the floor, right?

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Guest Mishi_Mishi

Yes, you do a series of them.


Thanks so much for the response(...s)! It's been driving me mad and I feel weird asking my teacher for the name, mainly because it's almost like saying I wasn't paying attention, or something of the sort...

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Guest ballet_barbie72

Yes I know the type of turns you mean but I didn't thing they were called chainé turns...? Aren't chainé turns the ones on two feet and you do a full circle? Sorry if I'm wrong...

Love Erin

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Erin, in a chainé, you do complete a full turn. A half-turn happens on the ball of either foot, and you don't have to do them in a circle, they can travel anywhere. The one that's done on two feet throughout the turn is a piqué soutenou, or tour de basque. :)

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