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Guest dancingforever

I've been feeling really depressed about dance lately, like I'm getting nowhere. This summer, I went to an SI in New York and felt like I improved a lot in jazz, tap, ballet, theatre, and modern, but now I feel like I'm losing everything and going backwards. My best friend is studying ballet at NCSA and I'm so jealous of her. I'm not spiteful; it's more that I wish I could be off realizing my dream too. Today I was horrible in jazz class and I wondered if I should just give up dance altogether. But I love dance so much. It's just that I don't think I can get anywhere. :) I don't know how to change my attitude or plan my future. Help!

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It's OK, we all need to vent. People often go through periods of feeling low from stagnation. Sometimes just talking about it makes you feel better. Can you find an adult there who can sit down with you and listen to your concerns? Believe it or not, parents will do!

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Guest DancinKiki

This is the time where you really have to sit down and take it all in, really thinking about it. You need to think about what would make you happy, if dance isnt. Maybe try another form of dance, take more classes such as workshops and try and take classes with as many people as you can. If its a situation where you arent being challenged, then try a new studio, or audition for companys in your area. Talk to your teacher, your friends and family. Being depressed if deffinetly not good at all, and you need to find out what will make you truely happy in life. :thumbsup:


~Kiki :wink:

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