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OK guys, moderator beenie on.

For the first time I have had to delete a topic. It started off OK, but then started being less constructive and more destructive.


I was going to leave it on then changed my mind. I had edited out certain names as I really don't think its necessary to mention actual names of teachers. Yes we all do it occaisionally, but I think we should be more cautious. This board is read by an awful lot of people and maybe even by the teacher themselves, which in turn can cause some bad feelings and may end up being detremental to you. The same with saying that 'X' in our class, he/she is really annoying, they can read this also and cause them upset. We want to try and promote ballet not put off potential beginners from going to class and trying for themselves.


If you want to discuss a particular matter, perhaps PM or e-mail is the way to go about it, then you can be sure it is only between two people, and not x thousand or so.


You are all great ballet alerters and its great to read your successes and to share in your troubles. I think we have a great team here :)


I just want this to be a reminder about not exceeding our boundaries here on Ballet Alert. We don't want this board ending up being a place where you come to rip teachers to pieces or to gossip about so and so. Lets keep it friendly and open.


Peace.... :)

love from your friendly moderator.

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