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DVD/Videos: where to buy in NYC or DC

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I would welcome some suggestions from BalletAlerters of NYC and/or Washington DC.


A friend of mine will be travelling in a few days to NYC and DC, and I want him to bring me some Balanchine videos. I am afraid I cannot order them from Amazon.com now, as Uruguayan customs are getting fastidious about bringing merchandise (they charge import duties, even for shipments as small as USD 50). :)


Do you know the name of some stores where he could buy them for me?? (when I was in NYC it was back in 1998, and I bought some videos at Tower records, and NY State Theater, but do not know what the situation is now)


Thanks heaps!!!!! :)



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Silvy, I think the best selection might be at the Opera House in Lincoln Center. There is a shop inside the Opera House with a large selection of ballet as well as opera music, videos, DVD's, etc.

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Thank you Victoria - I forgot to mention the shop - I was there,in fact. But I remember that someone told me that videos there were rather pricey? Is that true now?



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Silvy, I'm not sure, but the last time I shopped there they were less expensive than at the Ballet Shop. I'm not sure about comparison to Tower Records, however I do know they had a much larger selection at the Met. shop. Here is DC the best selection seems to be at Tower Records, but they also have some at the Kennedy Center shop.

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The Tower store on Broadway at 66th has a selection on the second floor, where classical music is located. Also the gift shop in the Metropolitan Opera (there is also a shop downstairs, don't forget.) A lot of the stores are now discounting videos as they are carrying more performances on DVD; the assortment is also less, I'm afraid.

Barnes & Noble, across the street from Tower has a very good music selection (music is on the lower level.) but I cannot recall if they also have video/DVD.

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If your friend will be in one place for any length of time, you might be able to order from Amazon and have the videos delivered to his hotel or wherever he will be staying. This way, you could order exactly the videos you want.

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During my last visits to the Shops at Lincoln Center (both at ground level in the Met and underground near the parking area), stock was well into the transition to all-dvd. Tower Records is pretty much the same, but they are larger and probably carry a wider range.

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Guest underdog

You do know about www.kulturvideo.com ? They are located in Long Branch NJ (about 60 miles from nyc)but I don't know if they have a physical store. I just know about the on-line store.


The public library at lincoln center may have DVDs of ballets. The cheapest way to go is to get access to the library thru a friend and access to a vhs/dvd recorder and copy whatever they have! That's a long shot on a vacation though. Just a thought then.



Good Luck.






Congratulations Ms. Farrell

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